Zizemeleni Co-Operative​

Food 4 Thought, the most active NGO in the area, assists the community in their efforts to develop means of making a living.   After consultation with the community it was been agreed that efforts to develop agriculture in the area is the best way forward.

Food 4 Thought, with the Community Works Program (CWP), a government funded initiative that pays minimal salaries to volunteer workers and the South African Organic Structure Organization (SAOSA) are working closely with the Zizemeleni Cooperative in order to guide the project to produce certified organic produce.

Specific crops have been identified, by SAOSA, to bring an income into the program and to feed the community.  This project aims to demonstrate that supporting small holder farmers’ transition to agro-ecological farming methods (also known as traditional farming) through the introduction and growth of the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS),can lead to more profitable and resilient farming operations. Food 4 Thought has applied for a Lease of 12Ha of land.

In order for this project to succeed and reach its fullest potential, Food 4 Thought would like to partner with a range of government departments who are committed to addressing all the above challenges in a cohesive and measurable framework and to participate in achieving all the objectives of this project.