Funimfundo preschool provides education and care for 65 children from the local communities and is located at the Die Kop informal settlement situated just outside Stanford.

The preschool facilities include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Daily collection and safely transporting of pupils from the bus stop in the Funimfundo school kombi.
  • Providing learners with a healthy breakfast, mid-morning snacks, a nutritious lunch made with vegetables grown on the premises and a final snack before leaving for home.

Funimfundo has a digital programme that offers the children the opportunity to experience some of their learning through digital formats. We have access to tablets with some of the latest learning tools for preschool children.

Vegetable Garden

The Teachers at Funimfundo initiated a vegetable garden project on the preschool premises. The vegetable garden provides the children with the opportunity to get their hands dirty by helping to plant seeds and to pick the vegetables when ready for harvest, furthermore, the veggies supplement the healthy meals provided to the pupils.

Art Workshops

Volunteer artists residing in Stanford provide community art workshops to help the learners develop their artistic talents.

Creative Worx

Local Occupational Therapist, Regina Broenner, supports early learning and holds parent and teacher workshops as well as assesses child development needs at Funimfundo.  

School Outings

Well organized and supervised quarterly outings ensure that the children are exposed to travelling to areas outside of their community and recent outings include:  Pantherea Africa Wildcat Sanctuary,   Cape Town Aquarium and Penguin Sanctuary.